Drawing Setup Search

With this utility you can search all Drawing Setup options.

These options are found in the Help Documentation and also all idden (or undocumented) options found in the Creo Windows binary code.

Each option found will have a link to Help documentation if it’s available and (hidden) added when it was only found in the binary code of the application.
Some options are also valid in Model Based Definition 3D mode: (Also MBD) added
And some options are specific only for Model Based Definition 3D mode: (Only MBD) added

!!!! The hidden options are usually provided for internal use by the QA department of PTC during the development of new releases and are normally not intended to be used by customers in production. Be carefull using these options. They are unsupported, and might make your system unstable or your models corrupt. A lot of hidden options will not be available in subsequent builds of Creo. !!!!

creo4 Drawing Setup options

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