ProTrail is a Windows/DOS tool I created to automate Creo Parametric tasks on local files like:

  • regenerate
  • export
  • print
  • verify
  • etc.

How to use it

The tool must be run from a DOS prompt and is configured via commandline options.

  1. Download it and put it in a folder which is in your path variable (e.g. c:\WINDOWS).
  2. Open a DOS prompt (Start -> Run -> CMD) and run the script.
    start it first with ProTrail -h to get the help.

It’s not an easy tool to use becuase it does not have a UI. It was developed for my own use with the option to share it with other Creo users.
If you’re keen on automating Pro/E tasks this is one of the many tools which can help you with it.

The program creates a Creo Parametric trailfile which performs specified actions on the objects found.

It has been used since Pro/E R2001 and is now being used with Creo 4.0.


  • ProTrail -h
    Show the help screen.
  • ProTrail -e iges -asm -dontrun
    Export iges file for all assemblies; only create the trailfile (don’t run it).
  • ProTrail -p "Ghost pdf" -drw
    Print all drawings using you Ghost pdf print command.
  • ProTrail -verify -famtab -prt -foreground
    Verify and Save FamilyTable for every generic part and run in the foreground.
  • ProTrail -cmd "C:\PTC\Creo\Parametric\bin\parametric.bat" -v creo5 -models -workdir -e step -noopenerr -localtrail
    Specify the Creo start command and it’s version, open all models (.prt and .asm), run in your workdir, export step file, don’t check if file exist, write and check the trail file in the local folder
  • etc. ….


You are free to use this tool without any charge, but also without any guarantees (see the help for the disclaimer). Please contact me and tell me what you think of it and to report bugs.


  • 20200619: v7.63 olafc Now checking if SimpRepName was found in the trail.txt file. Gives WARNING if not.
  • 20200605: v7.62 olafc Added -dppvz. Fixed ProfileOpt: now only selecting if a name is given.
  • 20200424: v7.61 olafc Fixed -pdfnosearchtext, -pdfnohyperl, -pdfstroketext options. Added -pdfsinglesheet
  • 20200109: v7.60 [internal Fico changes]
  • 20191121: v7.5 olafc: Added ProfileOpt and ProfileName for option -profile
  • 20190412: v7.4 olafc: Added 2 options to ilinkconfig to prevent java script errors. Removed config option efx_enabled. (not yet compiled or saved)
  • 20190110: v7.3 olafc: Disabled EFX and AFX with ilinkconfig
  • 20190110: v7.2 olafc: Changed open_rep command in DrwNoViewRep section.
  • 20181115: v7.1 olafc: Added -xvl option. Added in Creo 4 to select the Render customize option when exporting.
  • 20181023: v7.0 olafc: Major improvements in determining Sheetsizes and number of sheets. Tested with Creo2, Creo4 and Creo5.
  • Added support for Creo5.
  • 20181019: v6.67 olafc: [internal Fico changes] More debug info with SheetSize determination.
  • 20181018: v6.66 olafc: Starting implementing Creo4
  • 20181012: v6.65 olafc: Added -startup option.
  • 20180928: v6.64 olafc: Added startup_check_for_visualization no to ilink
  • 20180514: v6.63 olafc: “cannot find” “drw” check is now case insensitve.
  • 20180223: v6.62 olafc: Included StepSolid option in wDrwPrtStep and wDrwAsmStep functions.
  • StepSolid now also disables Annotations.
  • 20180112: v6.61 olafc: Added -stepsolid option.
  • 20170823: v6.60 olafc: Fixed Backup warning OK message. Added -outfile. Added -nogencheck
  • 20170222: v6.59 olafc: [internal Fico changes]
  • 20160513: v6.58 olafc: Added regen_failure_handling resolve_mode
  • 20160510: v6.57 olafc: Added 15 storage conflicts ok’s when saving to ENF
  • 20160228: v6.56 olafc: Added -accel option
  • 20160209: v6.55 olafc: [internal Fico changes]
  • 20160203: v6.54 olafc: Added -sheets option.
  • 20160203: v6.53 olafc: Added -redirect option
  • 20160202: v6.52 olafc: Added timestamps to STEP and PVZ exports
  • 20160201: v6.51 olafc: Added -dastep
  • 20160128: v6.50 olafc: Added -dapvz
  • 20160126: v6.49 olafc: Added -dpstep
  • 20160111: v6.48 olafc: Now first opening the master and then switch to SimpRep.
  • 20160111: v6.47 olafc: Added output when opening simprep.
  • Added open_simplified_rep_by_default yes to if opening simprep.
  • Added open instance to open model of instance is asked.
  • 20151014: v6.46 olafc: Added OpenSimpRep. Default is now Creo 2.0
  • 20151009: v6.45 olafc: [internal Fico changes]
  • 20150818: v6.44 olafc: Added StepOpt to add datum_curves selection during export.
  • 20150610: v6.43 olafc: Added \n after ~ Activate storage_conflicts Close_PushButton in wProdConf function
  • 20150206: v6.42 olafc: Fixed setting Environment back to shaded.
  • 20150204: v6.41 olafc: For Creo switching between EnvNoHidden and EnvShade fixed.
  • 20141208: v6.40 olafc: Added ~ Activate storage_conflicts Close_PushButton to SaveAs option.
  • Also added config option regen_solid_before_save no to ilink file.
  • 20141208: v6.39 olafc: Added #CURRENT VALS to SaveAs option (in case regenerate on Save is turned on)
  • 20141128: v6.38 olafc: [internal Fico changes]
  • 20141107: v6.37 olafc: Exit now runs ~ Command ProCmdExit. Save as now runs: ~ Command ProCmdModelSaveAs.
  • ~ Activate main_dlg_cur Windows.psh_win_close replaced by ~ Command ProCmdWinCloseGroup.
  • Created _Creo print alternatives.
  • 20140828: v6.36 olafc: Added OK for error message about not able to open pre-2000i rep
  • 20140801: v6.35 olafc: File open is now cmd.
  • 20140801: v6.34 olafc: ProCmd is now run with brackets.
  • 20140415: v6.33 olafc: Added 3DPDF export. Fixed Productview export is now db_1102.
  • 20130528: v6.32 olafc: Added NO! after STL export to go past a specific question
  • 20130312: v6.31 olafc: Added “cannot find” with “.drw” to error reporting.
  • 20130312: v6.30 olafc: Added “regeneration failed. Select option from menu.” to error reporting
  • 20121209: v6.29 olafc: Added “failed” and “could not” to error reporting
  • 20120112: v6.28 olafc: Added -nodrwcheck
  • 20110825: v6.27 olafc: Added -noerrors
  • 20110421: v6.25 olafc: Added -erase to the help as well.
  • 20110420: v6.24 olafc: Added -erase option
  • 20110405: v6.23 olafc: Added wc intralink error click away.
  • 20110203: v6.22 olafc: Changed all dir’s from /o-n to /on. Order was always highest number at the top.
  • 20110124: v6.21 olafc: Added CURRENT VALS after regen
  • 20110111: v6.20 olafc: Added save_instance_accelerator always to 3dexpconf
    Unable to triangulate now also gives an error message
  • 20101112: v6.19 olafc: now not importing Windchill parameters with -parimp (PTC_WM, PTC_ORG)
  • 20101028: v6.18 olafc: -stl options now also used for -e render. Added -e render to help.
    -stl options now don’t automatically set -e stl.
    Removed spincenter command from special exports (controlled via
  • 20100914: v6.17 olafc: [internal Fico changes]
  • 20100906: v6.16 olafc: Added support to recognize WF5 models.
  • 20100826: v6.15 olafc: Added Exp3DConfigPro to export all levels of step and iges files. Model now set for Unknown objects.
  • 20100818: v6.14 olafc: Added setting to current working dir when exporting parameter info file.
    Added Open Rep command after opening a file.
    Now also a trailfile error when exporting and No object was copied is found.
  • 20100817: v6.13 olafc: Added -noopenerr. Added -unknown.
  • 20100816: v6.12 olafc: Added Generic Postscript at the printer selection function to prevent hanging ProE when the
    default MS printer is set to a device which needs a filename (e.g. pdf or xps)
  • 20100708: v6.11 olafc: Ilink now has “compress_output_files NO” added
  • 20100622: v6.10 olafc: Added ~ Activate `storage_conflicts` `Resol1` to force it to Continue instead of Check Out.
  • 20100608: v6.9 olafc: DM_CHECKOUT_ON_THE_FLY added to
    Now telling that we’re creating an Ilink9.1
  • 20100429: v6.8 olafc: Added -ilinkconf option.
  • 20100426: v6.7 olafc: Added -backup option.
  • 20100412: v6.6 olafc: Special now uses shaded display. Changed wirh->with.
  • 20100403: v6.5 olafc: [internal Fico changes]
  • 20100403: v6.4 olafc: DXF’s and DWG’s now created with NoHidden environment and PDF’s in Shaded.
  • 20100401: v6.3 olafc: Added -drwnoview and -drwdispstat options
  • 20100329: v6.2 olafc: Added 2 lines to close meesage window for erronous toolkit applications: fputs(“~ Activate `UI Message Dialog` `ok`\n”,fp1);
  • 20100325: v6.1 olafc: Added VerSet.
  • 20100317: v6.0 olafc: Started implementing stuff for Windchill. Added option -o to just open a model without looking for local presence
    To support -o option alos changed the “Select filename” to “Update filename” when opening models.
    Added -graphics option (the same as -foreground)
  • 20100311: v5.68 olafc: Added -minfo option. If inputfile consists of models with no 2nd ext then also check for models with .1 ext if nothing is found.
  • 20100105: v5.67 olafc: [internal Fico changes]
  • 20091201: v5.66 olafc: [internal Fico changes]
  • 20091201: v5.65 olafc: [internal Fico changes]
  • 20091013: v5.64 olafc: Removed MODEL_TREE_START NO from
  • 20091007: v5.63 olafc: Added -parimp option (to create parameters from parameter file)
  • 20091007: v5.62 olafc: [internal Fico changes]
  • 20090729: v5.61 olafc: [internal Fico changes]
  • 20090419: v5.60 olafc: WF4 is now the default
  • 20090405: v5.50 olafc: Explode options now more robust. Fixed WF4 assign material.
    Now skipping non generics when performing Family Table tasks
    Fixed import function.
  • 20090324: v5.46 olafc: Added “Resolve the failures first” to error check
  • 20081020: v5.44 olafc: Crash when -dep or -chkvers was run
  • 20081003: v5.43 olafc: Added -prodconf
  • 20081003: v5.42 olafc: Added -path option
  • 20080911: v5.41 olafc: Fixed -i option when file had spaces in them. seps -> sepsp.
    Also changed CreateDirList && ! CreateDirList to ! CreateDirList.
  • 20080902: v5.40 Started implementing Wildfire4. Added pdf options.
  • 20080528: v5.32 Added -local option to use local drwfiles, but open them from the workspace (should be used together with ilink or ws option)
  • 20080520: v5.31 Changed last lines of trail file to 15. Added ERROR: to “Failed to regenerate component placement” error.
  • 20070817: v5.30 If no sheets are found in a drawing it will assume there is at least one.
    Added note to help about not storing your files compressed
  • 20070420: v5.29 Added -parexp and -parwu option
  • 20070419: v5.28 Added -trail option
  • 20070417: v5.27 Added -chkvers option
  • 20070411: v5.26 Fixed reading header of PTC files.
  • 20070405: v5.25 Fixed checking PTC files (fileversion, sheetnumbers, etc.)
  • 20060922: v5.23 Fixed crash when running -i option.
  • 20060831: v5.22 Added -singlesheet option
  • 20060823: v5.21 Upgraded -blank option to Wildfire. Added WF2 error with -e pdf.
  • 20060822: v5.20 Added -i option.
  • 20060821: v5.19 Added -workdir option.
  • 20060627: v5.17 TrailDir now uses %TEMP% variable if it exists.
  • 20060616: v5.15 Added -massprop option. Added wildfire3 option.
  • 20060523: v5.14 Commented FREEZE_FAILED_ASSY_COMP YES, since it made certain parts change explode position.
  • 20060301: v5.9 WF2 cmd for Workspace version changed from proewildfire2l to proe1
  • 20060221: v5.8 Changed -e pdf, -e stl, -stl chord and -stl angle option.
  • 20060217: v5.7 First released version