OCUS Benchmark v7 Results

Creo Parametric users all over the world are running this benchmark on their computers by unpacking the archive and running a trailfile.

The trailfile is created with a script and performs several tasks. This mainly checks the speed of the CPU, the Graphics card and your Disk.

Calculate and send your results with my online count utility.

Below are the results I received so far. Scores are in seconds, lower is better:

OCUS Benchmark v7 Results

Remarks, conclusions and tips…

  • See also the FAQ
  • This benchmark was specifically designed for Creo Parametric 4.0+
  • Do not take these results for granted. You can make a lot of adjustments on every machine to make Creo Parametric run faster or slower. Furthermore, note that these benchmarks were performed at all kinds of sites and with a lot of different builds. This surely influences the results.
  • The benchmark needs at least 16Gb of RAM to run without swapping (depending on the configuration) So results from machines with less RAM are not accurate.
  • If your machine performs bad only on specific tasks, verify if you’ve really removed all configuration files in the [CreoInstall]Common Files/text and home directory (usually C:\users\%username%).
  • Whatever the results are. If a machine runs all tests really fast it will probably be a really fast machine, but still check for abnormal sub-scores compared to other machines. If it is really slow on the other hand you will first have to check if this is not some kind of configuration issue before judging the computer.