OCUS Benchmark FAQ

Why do I get a trailfile out of sequence error?

There can be a number of reasons why running the benchmark crashes Creo Parametric or gets a trailfile out of sequence error:
You ran the wrong trailfile version.
Make sure to select the trailfile appropiate to your Creo Parametric version.
You did not start Creo Parametric from the Benchmark directory.
Create a shortcut to the ocusb.bat file on yout desktop. Edit the .bat file with a text editor and configure it to your system. If you don’t know your startcommand look into the bin folder of Parametric (probably paramteric.bat). Also decide which benchmark you wish to run. Save the batchfile. Remove all your own configurations and Windchill connections. Run the benchmark by double-clicking the shortcut.
You did not remove your own Pro/E configuration files.
Remove the config.pro, config.sup, config.win, menu_def.pro and protk.dat. files from the text directory in the loadpoint of Pro/E (e.g. c:\Progam Files\Creo 2.0\Parametric\text) and from your HOME directory. Windows users should also verify there are no configuration files in the root directory c:.
In the Help > Technical Support Info you can check which config files are read upon startup.

Why are my overall results much slower than a comparable system?

There can be a number of reasons why your results are too slow.
The most common reason is a configuration issue.
First start with the solutions entered above (Why do I get a trailfile out of sequence error?)
Other reasons might be:

  • You could be using a different OS version with different patches or service packs or graphics driver. Try the latest driver of your vendor.
  • You might be using a license from a license server over a slow connection.
  • You might be running the benchmark on a networked drive.
  • You did not disable your screensaver
  • Your virusscanner is running
  • Other resident programs slow down your system

Why doesn’t my high-end graphics card perform all that better?

Check the version of your graphics driver. Is it too old or too new perhaps?

Why not expand the test to more Creo Parametric modules?

I want this test to run on any Creo Parametric system. So it should therefor only use modules in the basic package of Creo Parametric.

Why do you let vendors enter results as well?

Some of you are doubting the reliabilaty of result entered by vendors.
My opinion in this is, that if a vendor performs special tricks to get abnormal fast results he will soon be uncovered by users who have such a machine as well. If you consider buying a machine based on these results why not perform this benchmark on a demonstration model by that vendor and see if the fast results can be reproduced under your own working conditions?
I also compare the result with other results of comparable systems. If the results differ too much I get in contact with the persons who enters the result.