The OCUS Benchmark certification

The results in the OCUS Benchmark are uploaded by many users all over the world. You will therefor find a variety of systems on the result pages

Many of those systems are non-certified or even non-supported systems by PTC or the hardware vendor and sometimes there isn’t even a vendor involved when it’s a custom build system.

But Hardware vendors and PTC spend a lot of time in testing specific configurations for certification and support.

Starting september 2005 I’m differentiating in the support status for the various system configurations by highlighting Supported or Certified configurations.

A system configuration is marked Certified or Supported when it is listed on the PTC Platform Support pages as such.

If you find any errors in this please notify me.

Graphics drivers or Creo Parametric build codes don’t have to be exactly the same, since those are easily installed.

The comparison is based on the Manufacturer, Model, CPU, Graphics card, OS, and Creo Parametric version.

Overclocked systems are not considered to be supported.

See also PTC’s Hardware Support – Introduction and Support Policy