OCUS Benchmark v7 README

Requirements for the OCUS Benchmark v7

o       Run it on the following version using the appropiate trailfile:
            Creo Parametric  4.0 
            Creo Parametric  5.0 
            Creo Parametric  6.0 
            Creo Parametric  7.0 
            Creo Parametric  8.0 
            Creo Parametric  9.0 
            Creo Parametric 10.0 
            Creo Parametric 11.0 

        The benchmark will need about 16Gb of RAM.  

o       You must run it in a CLEAN Creo Parametric session:
        Make sure the files
            menu_def.pro and
        are NOT in the
            [CREO_COMMON]\text directory,
            not on your C:\ root directory and
            not in your HOME directory.

o       Disable any PDM/PLM Server connection (Intralink, Windchill, etc.)

o       Run it on a local directory like on Windows: C:\OCUSB7
        The benchmark consists of the following files:
        - all_openers.asm.12
        - cleanup.bat
        - config.pro
        - countocus7.exe
        - creo_parametric_customization.ui
        - OCUSB7.bat
        - OCUSB7.xlsx
        - ocustemplate.drw.8
        - ocus_benchmark_70.png
        - ocus_benchmark_70.txt
        - ocus_tree.cfg
        - opener.prt.14
        - opener1.asm.11
        - opener2.asm.2
        - opener2.prt.8
        - opener3.asm.2
        - opener3.prt.8
        - opener4.asm.2
        - opener4.prt.7
        - opener5.asm.2
        - opener5.prt.8
        - README.txt (this file)
o       Minimum amount of RAM: 16Gb
        You must make sure no memory swapping to disk occurs. That's not a part of this test. 
        You will need at least 16Gb of RAM
        Make sure all other running software has been stopped or closed.
        You can download Process Explorer from www.sysinternals.com to verify the Peak memory usage.
        Reboot your system first and make note of the Peak Memory Usage after the benchmark has finished. 
        That should not exceed the amount of RAM seated in your system.

o       Minimum amount free diskspace: 1Gb
        During the benchmark large output files are created.
        You will need at least 1Gb of free diskspace
o       Run the benchmark under ideal working conditions.
        Like: minimal screen resolution, color depth, refresh rates.
        Minimum: 1280x1024, 32-bit colors, 70Hz
        Disable your screensaver and virusscanner.
        Disable as much resident programs as possible.
o       It is essential that Creo Parametric is started with the benchmark directory as the working directory.
        Then start the appropiate trailfile with Home > Utilities > Play Trailfile
        Preferable use the OCUSB7.bat file to start the benchmark.

Here are the steps to follow for running the benchmark:

o       First unpack the archive.
        Put all files in a LOCAL empty directory like: 

o       This local directory should only contain the benchmark files.

o       Reboot your system, logon and wait until the system settles into idle mode.
        Make sure no updates are running. 
        E.G. wait until the notorious software_reporter_tool.exe from Chrome has finished)
        Check your Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc): In the Details TAB sort on the CPU column and check that the System Idle Process remains on top.

o       Make sure nothing else is running on your computer:
        Shutdown any not needed resident programs like virusscanners, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Teams, WebEx, etc.

o       Turn off your screen saver.

To run it:

o       Run the test with absolutely NO configuration options of your own.
        Remove the config.pro, config.sup, config.win, creo_parametric_customization.ui, menu_def.pro and protk.dat
        files from the text directory in the common folder of Creo and from your HOME
        directory. Also verify the directory c:\ for configuration files.

        If you see that Windchill Intralink/PDMLink is started as well, make sure to disconnect Windchillin Creo before continuing.

        Tip: You can verify which configuration files are read with:
               File > Help > System Information (Scroll down to "Configuration files read:")
                 (Re)move the files found
             Check if any Toolkit applications are running with:
               Home > Utilities > Auxillary Applications             
                  Stop the auxillary applications

o       open the OCUSB7.bat file with a text editor and follow the instructions in  the file to configure it for your system.
        Look in the bin folder of the Creo Parametric loadpoint for the correct start command.
        Now create a schortcut to the OCUSB7 batchfile on your desktop.

o       Run the benchmark by starting the OCUSB7 shortcut

o       Alternatively you can create a shortcut to your own Creo startup script on your desktop and change the startup location to the OCUS Benchmark folder.
        Then just start the shortcut and in Creo go to Home > Utilities > Play Trailfile 
        Now select the ocus_benchmark_70.txt trailfile.
        Note:   With company startup scripts often the company configs are installed on your system.
                Please make sure that you don't have any configs of your own or your company installed.

How to count the results:

o       You can use countocus7.exe to count the results.
        It will automatically count the latest trailfile.
        But you can also specify a trailfilename at the commandline in a DOS prompt:
                > countocus7.exe trail.txt.3
        See also:
                > countocus7.exe -h

        Preferably run the benchmark several times and send in the fastest benchmark.

        Note: I added an Excel file (ocusb7.xlsx) in which you can compile and compare your own results.
              In the Excel you will find instructions on how to import the timings.

How to send the results to me:

o       The countocus7.exe tool will save all the timestamps in a text file.
        And it will go directly to a form, from which you can forward the results to me.
        You can also use these time stamps with the count utility on my site: https://creosite.com/index.php/ocus-benchmark/creo-ocus-benchmark-count-tool/
20240422 v7.1.1 Changed config.pro to support Creo 11.0.
                Removed the two mapkeys and added config options to maintain the configuration like previous versions.
                See https://www.ptc.com/en/support/article/CS402384
20210426 v7.1.0 Release of OCUS Benchmark v7.1. 
                Set "blended_transparency independent" in config.pro, because it is no longer selectable with Creo 7.0 and Creo 8.0
                Previous Creo 7.0 results need to be redone.
20200607 v7.0.5 Release of OCUS Benchmark v7.0
20200219 v7.0.4 Beta-release of OCUS Benchmark v7.0
20200120 v7.0.3 Beta-release of OCUS Benchmark v7.0
20191124 v7.0.2 First beta-release of OCUS Benchmark v7.0